Shooting in Florida park leaves 8 injured

There was a shooting at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event in Florida that injured 8 people

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Eight people injured in Martin Luther Day shooting King, Jr. in Ft. Pierce, Fla., with a seriously injured person. Four others People were shot and wounded while trying to flee the area. Reported The St. Lucia County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office later reported that the shooting began with a Discussion between two parties. The shooting happened at Ilous Ellis Park on Monday. at night, public information officer Tonya Woodworth said.

In addition, Officer Brian Hester noted at a press conference that the Shooting began at a car show and party. "It was such a disaster. Big as you can imagine when the shots were fired," he said.

"When the shots were fired, people were running in all directions. When Our officers arrived and entered the scene, you knew there was chaos. massive there. There were people lying behind cars, behind anything in which they could cover themselves. It was a bit difficult." to know who the victim and who was hiding at the time," he added.

All those injured in the shooting were adults. One miner was one of the four injured in the tumult after the incident.

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