Rafael Nadal after his Australian Open loss and McDonald's injury

Rafael Nadal addresses comments about his retirement after the loss to McDonald for hip discomfort

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The tennis player from Manacor suffered a new injury, a hip problem, which He did a lot of damage in the final part of the match. Rafael Nadal appeared in a Press conference visibly dejected after defeat in the second round of the Australian Open against McDonald.

When he left the track to seek treatment, his wife burst into tears in the stands.

At the press conference, the former world number 1 spoke clearly: "I was there for a few days So, but nothing compared to when I made that move. Let's start Talk to the team now, but I don't." know what's going on, the muscles, if they are the muscles."

"I already have a history of hip problems, I've had treatments in the past, but it was not serious. Now I feel like I can't move."

On his mood, "Yes, you can imagine. I don't need to talk and Explain feelings. Sometimes it's frustrating, sometimes it's hard to Accept, sometimes you feel super tired of all that, talk about injuries."

"It's hard to say exactly what I have until I get robbed. I don't know if the problem is in the muscle, if it is in the cartilage ... I hope it's not something very It is serious that I am kept out for a long time." time No. It's not just coming back, but it goes by in time until it reaches a decent level."

"I didn't ask the physio if I should retire because I know my body. I have the Age enough to make my own decisions. I didn't want to retire and leave The tracks because here was the defending champion. What I did was try to I couldn't go on getting worse, I couldn't run and I couldn't play the backhand."

In the stands of Rod Laver there was an emotional moment when Nadal suffered the injury. It was then that Xisca Perelló, Nadal's wife, saw the In the situation, he couldn't resist crying. No one like her knows the ordeal that He went through the tennis player, especially in recent years after injuries.

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