Police forcefully evicted Greta Thunberg during a protest against landmines

Greta Thunberg is arrested after protesting the expansion of a mine in lignite in Germany

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German police today forcibly expelled Swedish activist Greta Thunberg of a blockade led by environmental groups in the vicinity of the town of Lützerath (west), which was dismantled to expand a lignite mine.

Police sources confirmed that Thunberg was part of the group of activists who entered the Garzweiler mine area on Tuesday and were Expelled from the place, according to information from regional public television WDR.

Along with the peaceful march, groups of demonstrators tried to circumvent the Police barriers to access the isolated village and the edge of the grave open, for which the police used water cannons, pepper spray and batons, and made twelve arrests.

The police justified this expulsion by claiming that staying in this place was dangerous, so he proceeded to blow up the people who They participated in the protest action. According to this media, Thunberg and the others Activists were transported about fifty meters from the site and They checked their identity documents.

The population of Lützerath was isolated after the demolition of their houses, farms and wooden buildings, during which hundreds of activists resisted the Eviction for several days, amid a heavy police presence.

The government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz today condemned the acts of resistance of the weekend that, according to the Ministry of the Interior, turned violent and They hindered the work of health teams.

Several groups of people remained, spread over some 35 structures of wood installed in trees and elsewhere in the area. On Saturday, a Broad alliance of organizations opposed to lignite mining and The demolition of Lützerath organized a march, which Thunberg has already attended.

Police defended the action and argued that circumventing police barriers It has nothing to do with peaceful protest, but rather with a form deliberate to seek confrontation.

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