Jeremy Renner is discharged, but with bad news

Bad news for actor Jeremy Renner after being released from hospital

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Actor Jeremy Renner is now home, discharged from the hospital and, after 16 days of hospitalization, you will be able to sleep in your bed. News needed for The well-known actor who on January 1 had a complicated accident with a snowplow in Reno, when he tried to remove snow from his home in Reno. Lake Tahoe, the machine passed over him.

However, he received some sobering news that a recovery If successful, it could take Jeremy Renner several years. This has been done confirmed 'Radar Online', after speaking with the actor's relatives and Confirm that the prognosis of your recovery is long and very slow.

"The injuries he has are much worse than we imagined. Jérémy is aware that he could have died," the newspaper said.

On the day of the accident, the actor who played Gavião Arqueiro "had a lot of pain, shortness of breath and almost died from lack of blood when help arrived," reports Radar Online.

And, for the uninitiated, the Kässbohrer PistenBully snowplow that fell on Jeremy Renner weighs about 6,500 kilos, which gives an idea of the severity of the accident. Hours after the accident, it was already revealed that Jeremy Renner suffered blunt object trauma to the chest and orthopedic injuries.

After more than two weeks in the hospital, 'Radar Online' confirms that "the damage In the chest it was of such caliber that it had to be reconstructed surgically."

They estimate that Jeremy Renner, 52, will take about two years to return. to an acceptable form.

The cited media points out that the actor has already undergone two surgeries, as well as that Leaving the hospital does not imply not returning to the operating room. Most likely, who has to have new surgery because of serious injuries to the legs.

"He will most likely need more surgeries on his legs. Doctors tend to space the surgeries so that the body recovers naturally," he says. 'Online Radar'.

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