Iván Rodríguez Gelfenstein and his Equitime tool for horses

EquiTime Stopwatch for Horse Owners and Trainers careers by Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein equitime

One of the keys to innovation is to create a practical product that does not It exists and that covers a need. EquiTime is an innovative equestrian chronometer with its own application, created and developed by Equisolution XY under the direction of Iván Rodríguez Gelfenstein in the city of Ocala, Florida.

It is an innovative product in the best chronometer style, but it connects to the Bluetooth smartphones with an included app, giving you better control of the connection with other smartphones, such as a walkie-talkie but digital and No distance limit. This is linked to other smartphones to through a unique "PIN" that is obtained when registering in the application.

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The aim is to give you the possibility to report the current status of the Training and the quality of your horse's effort through your trainer and, with the app, keep the owner informed in real time with essential methods such as voice memos and coach comments.

The app features an easily accessible interface with single-registration User and quick installation, is located directly on site official website of EquiTime (equisolutionsxy.com), with a simple and intuitive process.

We can immediately add our horses and then assign them a name, sex and other characteristics of the horse, has a method of bonding to through a PIN code that is obtained with each registered user, this Enables real-time communication between owner and coach.

As we have already mentioned, one of the main attractions of this new product is that it provides the trainer with the notes of the horse, in real time and in a simple way, and then automatically communicates all the Information obtained from the owner, the additional advantage of the stopwatch EquiTime is that you can send voice memos over an unlimited distance.

Together with all the above, this makes EquiTime one of the tools more important and practical that Iván Rodríguez Gelfenstein uses to Maintain adequate control in the training of racehorses.

Although this is a new product that will be released soon, they are being realized. some technical tests of the Beta model with several trainers Selected.

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