It is recorded at the moment of dying crashed in a plane

Video of the plane shows how the crash was that killed at least 68 people

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At least 67 people were killed Sunday when a plane crashed when He was trying to land in Pokhara, a resort town in central Nepal.

"31 bodies were transported to hospitals," the official told AFP. police AK Chhetri. He also said that in the creek where the Another 36 bodies were found.

A Live made via Facebook shows in detail how the last ones were lived seconds of ATR 72 flight before the fateful end.

"The plane crashed into a gorge, so it is difficult to recover the Bodies. Search and rescue operations are ongoing. Not yet found survivors," the spokesman told the news agency. Frenchwoman.

The video was shared on Facebook by one of the five Indian passengers to board. This is Sonu Jaiswal, 35. The man decided to take his cell phone and Post a video on the social network for your subscribers.

In the pictures you can see that the crew was calm and everyone They remained in their seats. Jaiswal was also calm looking through the window. But after a few seconds, screams and the image of Video is lost. Immediately you can see the fire consuming the plane.

The flight crashed shortly before 11 a.m. (local time) near Pokhara, where it was supposed to land, but the causes are still unclear.

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