Damar Hamlin appreciates the support of the Bills and their fans

Damar Hamlin sends his first message on social media after the accident

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The Bills said the player still breathes on his own, but remains in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Hamlin took a big step in his recovery on Friday when his life support and showed him the ability to speak.

The 24-year-old's verified Twitter account posted a message on Saturday afternoon saying that all the love you put into the world comes back three times and thanked everyone who "came forward and prayed." He also gave the message that the injury response will strengthen Hamlin.

The 24-year-old also appeared briefly during a video conference. Live with his teammates on Friday, making several gestures with the hands and saying, "I love you, boys."

The Bills and their fans paid tribute to Damar Hamlin on Sunday. T-shirts with the number 3 and messages written on the Shirts. Fans even signed a 3m wide card wishing the goalkeeper a speedy recovery.

Hamlin's nearly week-long wave of support continued in the game that marked the Bills' first comeback since Hamlin received CPR on the field after making an inning in the first quarter in a Cincinnati game.

A simple card bought in a store was not enough for the fan of the Bills, Ryan Magnuson, in his desire to show his support for Hamlin.

The owner of the sign, Magnuson, went a step further and designed a map of 4-by-10-foot screen he installed near the Bills Stadium entrance for all to see and sign before Buffalo's game against the Patriots.

"It was a really good thing. There were Bills fans, Bills fans. Patriots and people wearing jerseys from other NFL teams. I think now it's more important than one thing for a team," Magnuson said.

Although he remains in critical condition at the University Medical Center of Cincinnati, Hamlin has shown excellent neurological function since the Saturday.

NFL fans at all levels rallied in support of Hamlin this week, including many who contributed more than $8 million to Hamlin's Chasing M Foundation. Sunday was an opportunity to Pay tribute along with the last day of the regular season of the NFL.

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