Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, makes a big prediction about 2023

Bill Gates predicted a major economic event in 2023 that could change the Course of History

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, posted a short video on his YouTube channel where he makes a very important prediction for 2023, already that the economic event he is talking about could change history forever and mark a turning point. and one after.

Already in 1987, the tycoon predicted that the new century would be led by the flat screens, so some of their claims can be believed in occasions due to his vast experience in the business world, but his Recent predictions are a bit bleak.

"If we don't achieve net-zero emissions, our grandchildren will grow up in a world. dramatically worse," Gates writes in an article referenced in His video, mentioning that climate change is hard and that war in Ukraine will affect the whole world much more.

Of course, all this will have a huge negative effect on the economy. But Gates puts special emphasis on climate change, which could Change the world we live in forever, and says that "extreme weather it already causes more suffering."

Although it seems that the billionaire does not have much hope for the Future, has been able to accept that by 2050 it expects the actions to be completed of the Gates Foundation, which it intends to ensure by committing to increase the money he spends on the Foundation.

"This is probably where Melinda and I will be there to make sure we that everything stays on track," he said of the Foundation's final move. Gate by 2050, when he hopes there will be no more child poverty in the world.

Gates made a huge fortune with Microsoft, one of the largest companies of the world, ranging from software creation to more than curious, but the truth is that the businessman born in Seattle, Washington, He devoted many years to philanthropy through his $103 billion in fortunes, including the elimination of child poverty worldwide.

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