Yoon orders retaliation without fear of nuclear weapons for any North Korean provocation

Fearless of North Korean nuclear response, Yoon Suk Yeol orders Firm retaliation for any provocation.

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South Coreal President Yoon Suk Yeol on Wednesday urged officials to react vigorously against any provocation by North Korea, without fear alone because the North has nuclear weapons, a senior official said days later. The North sends drones to infiltrate South Korea.

Yoon delivered instructions during an unscheduled meeting with members of the presidential cabinet and the Presidential Office of Homeland Security (NSO) after canceling a working lunch, according to the head of Presidential Press, Kim Eunhye.

"President Yoon told them to punish unequivocally and react in response to any provocation by North Korea, saying it is the way stronger to discourage provocation," he told a conference of press.

Kim said the president also stressed that one should not be afraid or hesitating just because North Korea has nuclear weapons.

North Korea sent five drones into South Korean airspace on Monday, but South Korea's military was unable to shoot them down, raising doubts. about their readiness position.

Yoon will travel Thursday to the Defense Development Agency (ADD) to Review the country's surveillance, reconnaissance and interception capabilities against drones and other flying objects, as well as progress in development of anti-aircraft missile strikes, Kim said.

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