A woman goes viral after discovering that her partner was cheating on her over the phone

The powerful zoom of the cell phone causes the couple to separate when they discover the infidelity

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

If technology came to shorten distances and mark milestones in the world and in everyday life, it can also be said who has become one of the most reliable personal detectives for couples who are suspicious of love, infidelity and also one of the Main causes of separation

A video in which a woman exposes the deception of someone Apparently it is his partner, he has stolen all the prominence of the networks Social. But let's face it, it's not the betrayal itself that surprised netizens, but the way it was revealed.

Precisely through the Tik Tok platform, a user named Mami Rose posted a video in which a woman is seen standing on a balcony, at a considerable distance from her boyfriend, who sees her in the background, while talking about your cell phone.

That's when the magic of technological advances comes into play, the woman Take a state-of-the-art phone, open the camera and zoom in where it is Her boyfriend, there focuses the screen of his cell phone and shows, in excellent resolution, the reason for the estrangement of your partner, a very Fun with a "friend".

@mamirosetv For this I bought this phone 😡😭😂 @edwinelcapotv #mamirosetv #viral #edwinelcapotv #parati ♬ original sound - Mami Rose

But the video does not stop there, after checking what she already suspected, the girlfriend She resumes the exchange of messages and then sends it to her boyfriend. The Controversial film has accumulated more than 24 million views, more than 3 millions of likes and more than 37,000 comments to date.

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