They discover that the snake has a clitoris

Recently discovered that snakes have clitoris and are seduced

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

In humanity and also in the Bible, the serpent had a great influence In history, however, it is only now that it has been discovered that these Reptiles have clitoris, with the particularity that this organ is connected to the heart, a discovery that will undoubtedly help to understand with More detail the operation of the animal's reproductive system.

The investigation responsible for the discovery was in charge of Megan Folwell, Research Fellow in the University's School of Biological Sciences Adelaide, Australia; and published in the British Academic Journal Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.

In addition to the University of Adelaide, Holyoake College of Massachusetts and the Museum of Ecology and the field of ecology and evolutionary biology of the University of Michigan also participated in the discovery. While that, for Australia, also collaborated the School of Agriculture of the La Trobe University and Ocean Country South Museum.

"In the animal world, female genitalia receive less attention than female genitalia. male genitalia. Our study contradicts the belief that The clitoris (heclitoris) was absent or did not function in snakes. We are proud to contribute to this research," especially since Female genitalia of all species, unfortunately, remain a taboo subject. This is important because snake mating used to involve female coercion, not seduction," Megan Folwell said in a statement. communiqué.

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