Strictness of zero COVID measures in China eases

China announces further relaxation of zero covid measures, including Home quarantines for some people

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

China announced further relaxation of covid-19 measures in the new Guidelines released Wednesday, including allowing many people to COVID-19 infected isolate at home, reduce mass testing across the board the country and remove most virus scans. Travel Health National.

In its statement on Wednesday, the joint prevention mechanism and State Council control said the new measures are aimed at prevent and control the virus "in a more scientific and accurate manner" and Solve what is. called "ongoing problems" in implementation. . control and prevention measures, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported.

Measures include allowing asymptomatic people and patients with mild symptoms are quarantined as a national policy, reduce requirements to submit negative PCR tests and health codes in many areas, including when traveling between regions, and perform reverse testing Massive for all except those in high-risk areas and positions of high risk, such as those who work in nursing homes, facilities doctors, nursing homes and schools.

The measures also indicate that it will no longer be necessary to show PCR tests negative or a health code check in non-high-risk areas, including nursing homes, medical facilities, daycare centers and schools.

Access to pharmacies should also not be restricted, and non- considered to be at high risk must ensure the normal functioning of the society and basic medical services, without restricting the movement of persons or suspend work, production or the Services. Offers

After nationwide protests late last month, some Chinese cities began to reverse their COVID measures, but many Restrictions remain in place. The new policy measures announced by the Central government on Wednesday marks what appears to be a further change Towards a gradual reopening as the country approaches its fourth year of pandemic.

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