Putin's strong threat to the world with the 'rainbow bomb'

Putin plans to launch electromagnetic attack to provoke a total blackout

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Russian President Vladimir Putin now poses a new threat to The planet with a devastating bomb. This is the "rainbow bomb", which It would completely destroy all communication networks, as it would convert All technology in mere garbage.

A nuclear attack that would not consist of dropping an atomic bomb on the ground. And Its effect would not be immediate deaths, but a kind of collapse of the civilization.

It was the Financial Times that pointed out that the constant threats of Putin suggested Russia was ready to carry out a pulse attack. electromagnetic.

If, according to Forbes, a nuclear bomb detonated at high altitude, for example, in the Stratosphere, this would trigger the so-called "electromagnetic pulse" that would leave hundreds of kilometers to the round in a total blackout, with all devices having their electronics. disabled.

If we look at Wikipedia, we find the simplest version that explains the electromagnetic pulse: "The major gamma radiation, above all, is very penetrating and interacts with matter, radiating and ionizing everything, including the surrounding air. The Gamma radiation is rapidly consumed and creates an electromagnetic field zonal of several kilometers in diameter".

When a bomb is dropped from above to cause this pulse effect Electromagnetic, ionization occurs and, for the observer, takes the Shape of a rainbow in the sky. This is what they would see in the territory Attacked. Hence the name "rainbow bomb" for this type of attack.

If Russia attacks Ukraine with such an explosion, the impact is unlikely to be Limit to the borders of the Ukrainian country. System attribution It would certainly have an impact on other European countries and on that A moment could become a direct affront to the countries that make up the NATO.

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