New line of Christmas sweaters by Luisito Comunica

How much does a Luisito Comunica Christmas sweater cost?

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

Luisito Comunica has launched some very special Christmas sweaters, because They contain his most emblematic phrases. These are part of their successful line of clothes called 'King Palomo'. It is through your social networks that you have shared Some photos in which the new models appear.

The sweaters say "pray if the cool thing comes" and "what a disturbing sweater" and "olo Vorgo". Alongside the footage, he wrote: "What a disturbing sweater! The cold started, and we have very mamonc Christmas sweaters...". They are available in three colors, blue, red and Christmas green. It has representative figures such as trees, reeds and gifts.

In his stories, Luis left a link so that his more than 32 million Followers can buy them for the holidays.

By accessing this link, you are directed to the official website of New designs can be found in the featured section And when they are used by both a man and a woman, it is specified that they are unisex.

All three colors are available and cost $30.35. Well, on the page you can Choose the region you are buying from and, of course, your local currency.

To know the shipping costs it is necessary to make the purchase and enter All data. Well, that's a very different amount. However, in a Side of page says they offer free shipping to Mexico on higher purchases to $50.83.

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