Low temperatures put the southern United States on alert

More than 10 million people remain on frost alert in southern United States

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More than 10 million people remain on frost alert across the globe south, including cities like Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee in Florida, as well as Mobile, Montgomery and Birmingham in Alabama.

Most of these warnings will expire later in the week when Temperatures finally begin to recover from polar air during the Weekend.

Sub-zero temperatures are expected in the alerted areas, with temperatures that They range from -12 to -6 degrees Celsius.

At least 25 people have died in New York's Erie County following a severe winter storm that has devastated much of the United States In recent days, county officials said Monday, adding up. to the number of deaths nationwide. The country at 47.

The updated death toll in Erie County, which includes the city of Buffalo, occurs when parts of western New York remain buried under up to five feet of snow, leaving vehicles stranded and cutting off electricity to thousands of people during the holidays. since Christmas.

While driving bans have been lifted in some communities, one of those bans remains in place in Buffalo, Poloncarz said, and described the city as "impassable in most areas" and that there are abandoned cars, trucks and vehicles. scattered everywhere. "It will take time to clean them up," he said.

Rescue and rescue vehicles sent as reinforcements also They got stuck in the snow. Eleven abandoned ambulances were Unearthed Sunday, authorities said.

At least 47 deaths have been attributed to unsafe weather since Wednesday, and Some residents of the Northeast went on vacation without enough heating and hot water due to extremely low temperatures.

  • NEW YORK - 25: People died from a winter storm in the Erie County, Erie County Executive Says
  • Colorado—2: Police reported two weather-related deaths in Colorado Springs.
  • Wisconsin - 1: Wisconsin State Patrol reported fatal crash Thursday due to winter conditions.
  • Tennessee – 1: Tennessee Department of Health confirmed one death related to the winter storm on Friday.
  • OHIO - 9: Four people died in a crash on Ohio Turnpike on Friday" as a result of vehicular accidents related to the weather," Gov. Mike DeWine said.
  • Kentucky - 3: Three people have died in the state. Governor Andy Beshear announced two deaths Friday morning. Another has been confirmed death in Montgomery County following a traffic accident.
  • Kansas - 3: Three people have died in related traffic accidents with the weather, the Kansas Highway Patrol told CNN on Friday.
  • Missouri - 1: One person died after his trailer skidded into a On the icy road and it fell into a frozen creek, rescuers said. Kansas City Police Department.

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