Celebrity chef Salt Bae is criticized for manipulating the World Cup

Salt Bae makes Argentine players uncomfortable after last match of the World Cup

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

The celebrated chef, known as Salt Bae, has caused outrage on social media social after several images emerged of him behaving 'Fastidious' during Argentina's 2022 World Cup coronation in Qatar.

During the players' celebrations, Nusret Gokçe took to the field to Socialize with the players, the leader wanted to be the protagonist in several Occasions. First he came up and pulled Lionel Messi, because he wanted to take a Photo with him.

The Argentine ace didn't think much about it and was surprised when he grabbed his arm; However, she agreed to pose with him.

Later, Salt Bae was with Christian Romero, from whom he snatched the Trophy, to pose with him for a photo.

This broke the rules set by FIFA, which states that only Presidents, heads of state and champion players can do it.

In addition, Salt Bae also harassed Angel Di Maria, as well as Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez.

Fans of the Argentine national team condemned his attitude and said that It irritated more than one player on the court.

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