Alma Rosa by Iván Rodríguez Gelfenstein daughter of Sharp Azteca was crowned champion at Delaware Park

Daughter of Sharp Azteca, Alma Rosa and Gelfenstein Farm win the Delaware Park, White Clay Creek Stakes

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

Iván Rodríguez Gelfenstein gets the victory of Alma rosa, Una potra trained by B.G. Lopez at Gelfenstein Farm, accompanied by her rider Jaime Rodriguez, provided a great show with the victory of White Clay Creek Stakes (Black Type), in Delaware Park.

Gelfenstein led Sharp Azteca to nearly $900,000 in career earnings, his biggest win in 20 years, and now the Thoroughbred is the mother of Alma Rosa, its biggest source of income this year.

After finishing on Dirt in The Brotherhood's Last Out, Alma Rosa was two years old. years, daughter of Sharp Azteca, took her record to 2 wins, 2 seconds in 4 starts, earning a 3 1/4 win at White Clay Creek. A bet of $ 100,000, with this victory Alma Rosa is at the entrance of the Breeders' Cup reserved for two-year-old mares

Commentators on the official EquiBase website recount what happened in the middle of the race that culminated with the victory of Alma Rosa

Gelfenstein has set himself a new goal, to become the next Venezuelan. in competing in the Kentucky Derby. This is the new objective that has been fixed all the equipment of Gelfenstein Farm, training thoroughbred horses renowned as SUMMER KID, BASHA, X Y JET and LA VIE ROSS.

Several horses stand out in a well-respected list of victories, finishing at popular tracks like Gulfstream Park with the horse BROTHERSOFTHETIME and 2013 to 2021 with the horse SUMMER KID.

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